Myopenhab Dashboard 403

I’m getting a 403 at the myopenhab Dashboard after successfully logging in into myopenhab acc. Openhab is connected and i can see the actual notifications. But dashboard delivers 403. So the mobile app in remote connection. Not using reverse proxy and firewall seems okay. Password is correct.

It’s working for me. I log in, click the link to go to my dashboard, and see my OH settings. I’m on 4.1.1.

Yeah i think it’s a individual incident and the underlaying problem is maybe a setting or something. But i don’t remember to setting up credentials for myopenhab binding

Do you have “Notifications & Remote Access” enabled?

Solved the incident and found the problem. In my environment factory of my debian distro the http-alt port was setted to 0. Did that to harden the system, because i’m using https-alt internaly via reverse proxy against 443. I didn’t thought about the cloud connector.

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