Myopenhab dashboard is not accessible

I did openhab cbus integration a month ago.But few days ago myopenhab cloud dashboard is not accessible.In device is online.I cant access dashboard.Also alexa is not working

You haven’t filled in any of the details of your problem

sorry for that i have edited

I can see that openhab is online but cannot access dashboard.

There are some issues regarding this at the moment
Not everywhere is affected though

Is it mycloud server issue

thanks for quick reply.What is solution to this?..Is it installation issue or myopenhab server is down

Patience I think.
The openHAB server is not down:

It is the connection to the server that is affected. But as I said, not everywhere is affected.

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This gives me the idea that we should at least add an extra check on the status page (for that connection) , so we can detect where is the problem. (And everyone knows it’s not their local system)

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Same here, have been reinstalling and checking my system for days. Thougt it was my system somting was wrong with.

openhab app worked perfect until 1 month ago
performing great on wifi
Once leaving home using [3G 4G LTE] wireless network connection then it takes app 5min to load. sometimes it doesn’t slow down right away but I could provoke it by clearing the cache within the app , this will make app very slow until I am home gain
I think the cache-wifi has something to do with this problem

any help???

IOS 10

same for me. last 2 day no connection from outside. any help?

There are some issues affecting some users in some parts of the world.
The team is working on it