Myopenhab do not show pictures

Hi all,
having Openhab 2.2 on a Rasberry running.
Now I have installed openHAB cloud and everything works fine
But when I calling my local openhab over the myopenhab link
All pictures in the habpanel do not show up.

Trying around with the link

Using the IP instead of the DNS name has not solved the problem
In the Chrome console I see all the local images on my raspberry are not reachable.

My someone has an idea what can be the reason.


2.3. It works.hc_374

I checked 2.2.0 and it works to.

maybe my descrition is not clear.
Insted of icons I have on the main desboard background pictures this is not showing up

open openhab in the local network all pictures are comming up.


Is your link ok?
Do you get the picture, if you use the link in a browser?

when I open openhab local everthing works fine

only with the call I have the problem this is a VPN but local links should be reachable

Sorry @franki023, but are you the same person as @bernhard?

Yes I am, log in on the computer at home


found the solution myself
The URL to picture should look like /static/pictures/OG.jpg than it works with .:grinning: