Myopenhab down?

I get this message today on myopenhab today:

Sometime this night it seems like my openhab setup on the rpi went to offline, I can not access my home anymore through the android app, it just says its offline. I am on holiday and do not know if its the rpi who crashed or if the my.openhab server is down. Can anyone confirm that the server is running? I can login for some reason as seen in the picture above.

Is there a way to find out what is the case?

Seem to be running fine

and no issues reported on the status page:

Strange, works in internet explorer and not in chrome…

Seems like my device went offline at 2.39am this night, how can I set up my rpi so that I can restart oh2 from outside my home? Or why would go offline in the first place? Internet is working because i can play spotify on my chromecast at home.