Myopenhab down

Probably already known but didn’t see any postings about it and couldn’t find anywhere to check the status.

504 Gateway Time-out
nginx/1.10.0 (Ubuntu)

Might also be an appropriate time to request better logging from the openHAB Cloud Connector bundle as it doesn’t say anything about not being able to connect, etc (unless I missed something which is totally possible). Even manually stopping and starting the bundle I get nothing in logs that tells me it can’t access. Had to check the URL manually.

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I could not help you but my access also don´t work.

EDIT: Now I received notifications from an hour ago.

Yep seems like some backend problems if the nginx gateway is timing out.

Ok, thats probably why my alexa devices are not responding, however when i login to my openhab, it says its online, in the alexa app all OH devices are offline…

But if you try to view your dashboard on myopenhab it won’t work (and more importantly the whole REST interface doesn’t work, which is what the Alexa skill relies on IIRC).

Correct, dashboard is not responding

Can confirm that. Was wondering why my devices would not do anything with Alexa.

Hi, confirming too

I can also confirm…

EDIT: can’t even login to
EDIT2: In the morning it was working again.

Tried to use ifttt. Offline

Alexa wasn’t working for me last night but it seems to be fixed now.

Thanks for the link however it looks like it wouldn’t of helped much yesterday

No incidents reported

More than likely it was a backend issue and didn’t have visibility into the system that caused the issue. is down


Its been a rough couple of days for our infrastructure :frowning: There was an issue with the myopenhab servers over the last few hours, we have brought them back online, but there is still an issue with proxying requests back to a users’s OH. We are actively working on it now.

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myopenhab login has been down for a couple of hours. Looks like the server issues are continuing…

Down again for me this morning (none my of Alexa stuff was working). The status URL shows that everything is fine, but when manually trying to check it out from it’s giving me 504 - Gateway Time-out … Guessing this is reverse proxy from nginx and the backend went away.

Funny enough I did see things “connect” in the logs after manually restarting the bundle.

Again, would be great to have better logging if possible. Would be even more super awesome if we could just host our own Alexa skills :wink: I would love to take at least one layer of internet round trip out of the equation and have more than enough of my own infrastructure (both at home and with colocated servers) to do it myself but not sure that’s possible yet.

OO something interesting in my logs!

2017-11-11 10:17:14.287 [WARN ] [okhttp3.OkHttpClient ] - A connection to was leaked. Did you forget to close a response body?