myOpenhab, Habdroid and rrd4j

My rrd4j charts work fine but only in my local network. When I connect using myopenhab and HabDroid, charts not work.

That should be working, I’m using rrd4j and do display the charts on my android devices at home and via the remote connection. Using to display the charts on BasicUI and ClassicUI works as well.
Please post more details of your setup like sitemap etc.

Does the chart show on habdroid when you’re on the local network? What are your settings for local and remote?

Are you able to see any sitemap via myopenhab when remote?

When I setting in Android app openhab URL to charts not working (ALL other items works fine) but when I change it to my local IP adress and delete login and password, all works fine.

openHAB URL should always be your local adress.

For remote access set the openHAB remote URL, the username and password will be used for this adress.

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Thank you

I have also locally the issue that the charts are not displayed correctly in the Android app.
When I scroll the screen a bit up and down, then for a short blink I can see the chart. If I take my fingers away - no chart displayed, only a blank area of same size with background color.
This is same on my tablet (Android 4.2) and on the mobile phone (Android 6.0).

So I assume a bug in the App?

I think I have the same issue. Anyone has this problem? Accessing the charts using the cloud doesn’t work.

Yes I have same problem too. All works fine but Chart using cloud not work.