myOpenHAB homepage

Since we’re now on version 2.2, can we have the myOpenHAB go directly to our sitemap, and not require the:

"You are using openHAB 2.x. Click here to access your openHAB’s dashboard"
perhaps is should read:
“You are using openHAB 1.x. Time to upgrade! Click here to access your dashboard”



Disregard, bad answer :rofl:

Then there would be no way to actually administer the account itself (e.g. setting up or changing uuid/secret, adding/removing users, monitoring events, etc).

Some people use for more than just access to their sitemap. What about those who want to access PaperUI, Habmin, HABPanel, etc?

I really think the solution is to save a bookmark with the full path to your sitemap rather than making all these other uses more difficult or impossible.

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Isn’t the following link working?