Myopenhab is slow after Migration to OH 3

Hello all,

I migrated to openhab 3. 0from 2.5 a time ago.

However, myopenhab is extremely slow and barely usable since then, often I have to reload a few times.

Locally it is lightning fast.

Basic UI (which I still use most) seems to be the most effected.

Any idea why?

Thanks all.


In my case it loads relatively fast but with CSS issues. I need to reload the page once and then it’s fine. Although I don’t use Basic UI at all, only New UI.
I also went from 2.5 to 3 on a Raspberry Pi 3B.

Have you checked your upload speed? Is there something using most of the bandwidth?
Is your OpenHAB box connected via cable or Wi-Fi?

Thanks for your response.

Its connected through LAN, I have consistent upload bandwidth >30mbps.

It went well with 2.5 for more than a year and happened after upgrading. Locally its not an issue, and the sitemap did not change.

It loads some elements very fast, but hangs with the openhab loading bar. I have to refresh a few times then.

What does myopenhab mean in this context ?

Do you mean or do you have a local installation ?


I am talking about, yes.

It was always really fast, and after upgrading to 3.0 it got slow.

Not sure you meant to just repost my own Post again?

Additional Info:

In Chrome Debug, I See that if the Problem happens the File “manifest.json” could not be fetched with response 401 unauthorized:

Can anyone help me with this? This looks like a server-side thing to me.