MyOpenHAB Issue

I registered with MyOpenHAB and was able to connect to it. I created a second user account (Regular User) successfully. It states it is online and logging in as the regular user account I created is great. So functionally it is working.

However the account I registered with did not receive an email to validate and I cannot log in with it. Now I’m not sure if I typed my registration email incorrectly during registration or what.

I also cannot do a password retrieval as the email never comes.

I am at a loss of how to log in with my registered email and make changes through MyOpenHAB as it is the master account.

Any help would be appreciated. Do we have an admin who handles MyOpenHAB support to verify registered emails? Is there a method to re-register my openHAB I stance with MyOpenHAB?

Ouch, that truly is quite the pickle.

I don’t have any great advice but I can say the steps I would follow.

You can verify that you have typed in the wrong email on the original account by trying to create a new account with your correct email. If it lets you create the account you know for sure that you created the original with a typo in the email.

At this point, I can see two possibilities. You can try to brute force to figure out what sort of typo you made when you created the account. Or if it let you create a new account with your correct email you can force OH to generate a new UUID and secret and move over to this new account.

To force it to create a new UUID and secret these steps should work:

  1. uninstall the cloud connector add-on
  2. stop OH
  3. remove the uuid and secret files
  4. start OH
  5. reinstall the cloud connector add-on

I’m sorry I don’t have any better advice. Good luck!