Myopenhab .jar not loading, and no secret file

Hi All

I’m having real difficulty getting my.openhab to work.

The first issue I notice is that the system generates a UUID for me, but doesnt generate a secret file.

Secondly, i cannot find anything in the logs that suggests it is trying to load the file in my addons folder. I can see in the logs that the exec binding is loading fine, so openhab is at least loading some addons in that folder?

Anyone any ideas?

Im on a Raspberry Pi B+ with Raspbian OS.

Simply go to and generate a random key. You can select between a wide selection of encryption keys. I would recommend going with at least a 128-bit wep key.
128-bit encryption will provide a sufficient security for our server (unless someone else can chime in). Go to your /etc/openhab/webapps/static folder and create a new file called “secret”.
Paste your secret key into the “secret” file.

As for whether your addon is loaded, I dont know…