Myopenhab Login is not Possible Gateway504

Hi There,

just realized, that the Login to myopenhab is not working properly. It cancels with a Gateway 504.
The Rest Service Still works, but i simply can not Login in via the Login Page. does not indicate any error.

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Confirmed - same issue

Same here

same here

been getting this error all morning too.

It looks as if only the web interface was affected. My openHAB installation is connected.

Edit: now it works again

… and the error seems to be happening again this morning

At the moment I’m getting the same message. 504 Gateway Time-out (13:19, Germany)

EDIT: Now it is running again! (16:40, Germany)

EDIT: now again: 504 Gateway Time-out (18:40, Germany)

Really strange, shows all green and the cloud server itself seems to work. Only the web interface seems to be affected.
@kai: do you know more about this problem?

@digitaldan is currently looking into it.

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@kai @digitaldan Any news?

Today 15:33, Germany: 504 Gateway Time-out

I am still investigating this, I have enabled a workaround for the time being which should prevent the issue until a proper fix can be put into place.


Hi. Seems its down again. When trying alexa or it goes for 504 Gateway Time-out

Same here. If I try to connect via the website it only shows ‘forbidden’ entering username and password.

I am experiencing the same issue today with the rest service I am able to login into with no problem and status dashboard doesn’t show any issue.

I am having the same issue if that helps (as it proves it’s not your setup)

I’m sure it will be fixed soon.