Myopenhab login issues?


just wondering on the login to administer users within myopenhab. I tried to go to

entered username and password - have been redirected to the page:

and the webpage is just stating “Forbidden”

If i go direclty to my online sitemap with the same username and pw - its all working fine, as well in HABdroid the UN/ PW is working without issues? Is there currently something happening with the login screen?


Checked that one minute ago and it is working without any issues. Did you try again recently?

same thing still showing ‘Forbidden’

strange, still working from here …
Maybe try clearing your cache or using another browser?

I have exactly the same problem now.
Clearing caches, trying another browser doesn’t help.
My OpenHAB app, IFTTT service and Amazon Alexa also cannot connect to the service.

I see the same issue on my installation as well

Me too :frowning: Will try tomorrow again…

Same problem here… Was working fine earlier today, and now can’t login!
Any news?

I’ve got the same issue… Alexa and myopenhab not working

Me too, Alexa and myopenhab are not working.

It’s working again here

I can’t log in either. I’m trying to set up the Alexa skill.

I get: 504 Gateway Time-out but the openHAB status page says operational.

Is there something additional I should be doing?


It’s a 504 error so you just need to wait until the server is available again.
Nothing you can do on your side …

Is that normal? Would the service actually be working at this point or should I simply stick with the Hue emulation for Alexa?

No. The service works 99.9% of the time, but not at the moment.

Okay, thanks. That’s reassuring.

@Saracen @sihui