myopenHAB Mobile Notifications Temporarily Disabled

Hi, we have had reports of users receiving mobile push notification that were not from their own system. Upon further investigation it would seem a small number of users have duplicate mobile registration id’s, this is causing messages to go the first user with that id. Until we can push a fix out for this, we are disabling mobile push notifications. I will post back here when a fix has been deployed.


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HI, I have built my house security system by using openHAB. The system sends push notofication to me, when I’m not at home, at eg burglary, damage or fire and now you have shut this down!
I don’t think I’m the only openHAB user that is dependet on push notofications.
I also hope that Yor disabling of mobile push notofications only happens during the next few hours.

There are paid services, for example pushover, which still work very reliable!


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Do You mean that openHABs services not are reliable?

I’m gald there is a reason for the weird behavior seen.

NO service is completely reliable. Even companies that have millions of dollars a minute in lost revenue like Amazon and Google occasionally suffer outages and down time. is no different.

For a truely free service (i.e. it doesn’t even collect information on its users and sell adds a la Facebook and Google) is incredibly reliable.

But if you have a mission critical system like an alarm system you should have more than one method of delivery alerts in the first place. Almost every one of the Actions under Bindings are ways to connect to third party services that are designed for delivering notifications to phones including Pushover, Telegram, NMA, Prowl, etc.

Finally, for the masses of people who will take steps to integrate additional alert systems and/or change which service they you, I’ll recommend taking the opportunity to implement Design Pattern: Separation of Behaviors. This can even let you use a different service or more than one depending on the severity of the alert or time of day or the like.


Just an update, i’m hoping to push out a patch soon. Because there are duplicate records, I am planning on removing those, which means users will need to launch their mobile apps afterwords, this will trigger a new registration to receive messages again. Apologies for for the inconvenience.


You can’t expect such from an open source project , not within such a timeframe! Think about what kind of personell would be required dedicated to that system to come up with a solution within houres! Everything is done by volunteers, if nobody does take the job the make a solution it will not be done!


No, I mean that users wanting a security (!) system should not complain if a service free (!) of charge needs to be shut down temporary for maintenance or software update.

Sorry - you’re relying on security to be provided by a service which is free, maintained by a community of people in their free time and infrastructure that they pay for out of their pocket…

You’ve every right to be frustrated and angry that this is not working!

OH is a brilliant suite of working parts. Brilliant project and very very grateful to the folk who make it work.


Hi all, just wanted to give an update, still working on finding the root cause, no fixes have been deployed yet, i’ll post back when I have more info, thanks for being patient.


I seem to have upset some people in the community and therefore make this replay.
First of all, I would like to thank all the people who have created openHAB and do a great work
to develop and maintaining it. There are also many people in the community who like to share their
experiences and help a beginner with creative problem solving.
I started with an Arduino and came into contact with MySensors about a year ago, then realized that I also needed a controller. The choice fell on openHAB, which I thought was most interesting, today I have to say that it is not the easiest system to learn but with the most possibilities. Could not imagine anything else today.
With this as a background, I did not get angry but frustrated when push notifications were disabled without any warning and for how long time. I’m still a beginner and did not know how I suddenly would
get a new messaging system to work.
Today I have got “Mail Action” to work.
@digitaldan Thank you so much for keeping us updated about your work to solve the problem.
@sihui Can you please explain what the animation in your first answer means.


Thank you for your support on this. I’m confident you will figure it out shortly.

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I am my head banging against a wall because of your statement :rofl:

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Notifications have been restored. If you are not receiving notifications try opening the mobile app which will re-register in the background for notifications.

We are still looking at exactly what the root cause is but it does look like it was related to the service disruption on April 17th where our app servers become unresponsive and needed to be restarted.


Nice work, keep up the good work!

Question; where can i make a donation to support

The openHAB Foundation is responsible for the forum and

In this thread a user reported that the notification-messages which are not from his system re-apeared.
I did observe that it is until now impossible to connect a mobile app via myopenhab, nor to get the dashboard of myopenhab displayed. All other subpage of myopenhab do respond.
The does show no problem.

I’m having trouble receiving push messages on my iphone, yesterday I received the messages 3 hours late, but today it does not work at all.

Can you help?

Did a test using the myopenhab website to send a message to my android device, worked.

it also works for me,
but not through my rule, and it worked 3 days ago

Item Vindue_Kontor changed

if( Vindue_Kontor.state == OPEN)
			Window_Timer_kontor = createTimer(now.plusMinutes(10))
					sendBroadcastNotification("Vinduet i kontoret har været åben i 10min")
					logInfo("rules", "Vinduet i kontoret har været åben i 10min")
	logInfo("rules", "Timer for vindue kontor stoppet")
	sendBroadcastNotification("Vinduet i kontoret er lukket")