myopenHAB network issues (again)

It looks like Linode is having network issues. Their status page does not show anything, but none of our hosts are reachable. I will be continuing to monitor throughout the day.

Can confirm here…

Went down sometime after 1830gmt to 1920

The status page still shows as down, but our hosts are reachable again. I am going to wait and see if there are any other issues before resolving this.

Hi, same here (near Mannheim). btw: I’d be willing to pay a monthly fee for the cloud service if it results in it being more reliable …

The openHAB Foundation is not able to offer a paid service, and myopenHAB is generally very, very reliable. We had issues in July/August 2019 that were resolved by removing IFTTT support (I’m simplifying a bit).

As Dan noted, the recent issues are with our service provider and not myopenHAB. So even if we were paying for it, the service would still be down.

Anyone who’s frustrated by this can spin up their own openHAB cloud installation for personal use. There’s at least one tutorial in the community. However, it’s a lot of work for what may be very little benefit.


I can log in but no communication between OpenHAB instance on my server and Alexa

Edit I can’t actually get past the initial login page so I can not look at my system via the cloud connector

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Lol. Sitting here debugging a binding using http and for the last hour been thinking it was that :roll_eyes:


Sorry if I appeared frustrated. I am not. I thought it might be a hardware scaling/ overload issue.

Could you point me in the direction of the tutorial you mentioned? I recently migrated from domoticz and there I had to set up my own alexa skill just to get support only half as good as openhab’ out of the box. So I am willing to give that tutorial a try next weekend…

Thanks and keep up the great work,

Hi, its working again. Thanks!


Our hosting provider (Linode) looks like they have fixed this, so keep your fingers crossed !


No worries. I didn’t mean to take a negative tone with you, so apologies if I came across as such. The paid-service suggestion tends to come up every time there’s an outage or two, and folks who haven’t been with us very long (I’m only two years into OH) don’t have reason to know that.

I don’t know where the tutorial is…I guess if you search “openhab cloud” you’ll find it. But again, if you’re generally happy with myopenHAB, it’s not worth pursuing. For all you know, it’ll be less reliable and you’ll be responsible for your own maintenance. Plus, you have to jump through a few more hoops to connect your cloud to Alexa and Google Assistant.

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And you can help pay for the service by donating to the openHAB foundation. If you are in Germany the donation is even a tax write-off as a charitable donation.

But as Russ said, requiring payment is unlikely to make the service any more reliable.

GitHub - openhab/openhab-cloud: Cloud companion for openHAB instances to install the cloud service. GitHub - openhab/openhab-alexa: Amazon Echo Alexa Skill for openHAB for setting up the connection between your custom cloud service instance and Alexa.

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If you follow the instructions exactly, the installation with OH3 does not work.
The recommendations from the link above are probably helpful, but not with my preparation. I would like more detailed recommendations, but, alas, so far no one has responded.

You commented on a closed issue, you‘d better open a new one.

I believe openhabcloud should switch to a webRTC implementation instead of this HTTP proxy one.
More privacy, less resource usage, better response time.