Myopenhab not reachable

Yes. I came across this thread with a new OH installation and the need for IFTTT (it’s the only supported platform by my sleep / bed sensors). It works for me and my two items are not list in OH.

The cloud connector simply exposes the REST API via so you can interact with any of your items.

" ALL of your items must have labels" - maybe it’s my issue. I’ll check.
@rpwong, thanks a lot!

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I think that was mentioned much earlier in this thread or another one. I didn’t understand what the person was saying at first, because I habitually include labels on all of my items (so it didn’t affect me).

Please report back if this solves your problem. I haven’t tested it myself, but if it is the issue then I think the docs could be edited for clarity.

It wasn’t my case, because all my items already has labels (later I found this note in documentation - ).

I’ve always received “unable to update settings. Please check connection” without any details at my side or at I’ve found that one of my items has 2 tags (“Lighting”, “Switchable”):

Bedroom_Light2 (Type=SwitchItem, State=OFF, Label=Light 2, Category=light, Tags=[Lighting, Switchable], Groups=[Home])

I’ve removed one tag and everything connected ok now! GA is working after many hours of debug!!!
I can be wrong, but this item line was generated by home builder.

It’s a simple issue, but unfortunately error handling is so awful that it’s not possible to understand what’s wrong :frowning:

Russel, thanks for your help. It was valuable note that items are not required to be “exposed” to cloud to work with GA.


@digitaldan , there is several disconnections today. There is a problem ? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, apologies if I’ve missed a thread, but as of today, should I be able to expose a new item (my 10th) to Openhab cloud to use with IFTTT integration?

I have nine items exposed for a while, but trying to expose a 10th fails. I’ve followed the same (and presumably correct) steps I’ve done previously, exercised its state etc…


Yes this is concerning for me aswell. Request @digitaldan for items being exposed to the cloud be re-enabled as they do not cause any server load issue. So ifttt --> openhab items trigger works as expected.

I haven’t seen any updated news so I’m not 100%, but if it is the same as when This thread was started the situation is that

Existing items exposed via myOH cloud will continue to work
New items exposed since this thread will not be found and so will not work.


Ok. Thanks for the update. A couple of questions for the community please:-

  1. can anyone say when this will be re-enabled? I fully appreciate the immense amount of hard work that goes into this project, for free, but seems to have been an issue for some time? Is the a plan to fix?

  2. on one related thread I’ve seen a mention of Webhooks being a potential alternative to integrate OpenHab with IFTTT. (I.e. Webhooks is the ‘That’ in IFTTT) and this avoids the need to expose items. Does anyone have any detail on how this could be done?

Many Thanks

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  1. The million dollar question…

  2. See post 138 by mgbowman above in this thread…the downside is that it passes your username and password in plain text. No problems if you’re not fussed but it’s not something I want to be doing.

  1. Thanks so much. Should have scrolled back. Appreciated!

Is this (all items must have a tag in .items file) just specific to Google Assistant, or is the same true for the Alexa skill?

Yes, as clearly stated in the docs:

I’m sorry, but no it’s not. It clearly states you need the tags, but is silent on whether specifying those within PaperUI is sufficient. Currently, I’m suspecting that it isn’t sufficient as my items are not being discovered by Alexa even though I’ve given them appropriate tags. If this is the case it might be nice to explicitly state so.

Did I miss something or how can you tag an item using PaperUI?

There is a “category” parameter. Is that not the same?

If not, and I need .items files, is there some guidance on constructing the items files for zigbee and zwave devices?

No, category is not the same as tagging. You´ll need to either create items files or use the Rest Api.


I regularly have the problem that my raspberry pi 4 is no longer connected to the cloud. This week I have had it twice. It was offline from 7to 7h(12h) I think there is a reconnect somewhere every 12h?

I get status code 500ter back in my app. All notifications are still working though.

I noticed that the problem is solved after unplugging and directly deer plugging in the network cable.

Can anyone help me?

I am sorry that I cannot help you but just to add on to this: I have had more than ten ups/downs the last two days - I have a rule that activates when the connector goes down so I know from the emails coming in. Before that rule it went down and up many times but I just didn’t notice. But sometimes it stays down as it has the last couple of days and then you of course notice more.

I have the impression that it is supposed to connect automatically again but sometimes it doesn’t and that is when you notice.

Note: I do NOT know if this is a local problem, internet connection problem or something else. I have never really found out what this is depending on. Many times it just fixes itself after a number of days.

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