Myopenhab only online / no offline events

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(Micha Mueller) #1

I saw that for 7 days now, I only get online msgs from myopenhab.
Before, I always got a pair of first offline, then online events.

Are the offline events somehow delayed now and the online events not?

(Micha Mueller) #2


(Thomas Schlichting) #3

Yep I also have that - I am not even sure it actually has been offline…

(Martin Herbst) #4

Same problem here. Today I had to reboot my openHAB several times. I received one offline notifications and several online notifications. This is the list of my notifications:

Today at 8:45 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:38 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:30 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:28 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:28 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:25 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:21 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:21 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:15 PM openHAB is online
Today at 7:14 PM openHAB is offline
Today at 7:08 PM openHAB is online

(Micha Mueller) #5

Good to see it is no single situation here.
I am getting the online/offline events as push messages via Android app.
This seems to be a myopenhab bug since an offline event is much more important than an online event, right?

Myopenhab is not sending online and offline notifications
(Frantisek) #6

I have same issue… @rlkoshak, do you maybe have an idea what’s wrong?


(Rich Koshak) #7

Back in Feb when this thread was posted there were some problems with the servers. I have no idea why you might be seeing these problems now. That has long since been fixed.

Look at your logs and make sure you are not seeing connect/disconnect events there.

(Micha Mueller) #8

Rich, you are right, “something” has been fixed - now we get no push notification about online or offline events at all. Is that the desired behaviour?
I would still expect getting offline events after some timeout - maybe not as short as back in Feb where you were “spammed” even if the local router cut the connection and reconnected after a minute, but after 15…30 min or maybe as setting.

(Rich Koshak) #9

I can’t say. I’ve been getting online and offline events. My OH hadn’t been offline in a couple of weeks so maybe something changed recently but the last time I took OH down I got the alert within a couple of minutes of OH going down.

(Dan Cunningham) #10

Hi, we had an issue with myopnehb this am where we had a server die, but not shutdown completely. We are currently researching monitoring solutions to help identify this much earlier then we did today.

(Micha Mueller) #11

Is this fixed now?
I still do not seem to get offline events.
F.e., I did an upgrade last weekend which forced openhab to shutdown for more than 5 minutes and did not get any push notification although this is how it should work (see

(Andrew Wiczling) #12


I’m still not getting online/offline notifications from myopenhab, though the events do show in the event log. Is the problem fixed and I have to do something or is it still not working for everyone?

(Micha Mueller) #13

For me, it is still not working.
No notifications from openhab.
Only online events in the myopenhab event log.

(Rich Koshak) #14

An issue has been filed. online/offline notification