Myopenhab only online / no offline events

I saw that for 7 days now, I only get online msgs from myopenhab.
Before, I always got a pair of first offline, then online events.

Are the offline events somehow delayed now and the online events not?


Yep I also have that - I am not even sure it actually has been offline…

Same problem here. Today I had to reboot my openHAB several times. I received one offline notifications and several online notifications. This is the list of my notifications:

Today at 8:45 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:38 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:30 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:28 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:28 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:25 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:21 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:21 PM openHAB is online
Today at 8:15 PM openHAB is online
Today at 7:14 PM openHAB is offline
Today at 7:08 PM openHAB is online

Good to see it is no single situation here.
I am getting the online/offline events as push messages via Android app.
This seems to be a myopenhab bug since an offline event is much more important than an online event, right?

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I have same issue… @rlkoshak, do you maybe have an idea what’s wrong?


Back in Feb when this thread was posted there were some problems with the servers. I have no idea why you might be seeing these problems now. That has long since been fixed.

Look at your logs and make sure you are not seeing connect/disconnect events there.

Rich, you are right, “something” has been fixed - now we get no push notification about online or offline events at all. Is that the desired behaviour?
I would still expect getting offline events after some timeout - maybe not as short as back in Feb where you were “spammed” even if the local router cut the connection and reconnected after a minute, but after 15…30 min or maybe as setting.

I can’t say. I’ve been getting online and offline events. My OH hadn’t been offline in a couple of weeks so maybe something changed recently but the last time I took OH down I got the alert within a couple of minutes of OH going down.

Hi, we had an issue with myopnehb this am where we had a server die, but not shutdown completely. We are currently researching monitoring solutions to help identify this much earlier then we did today.

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Is this fixed now?
I still do not seem to get offline events.
F.e., I did an upgrade last weekend which forced openhab to shutdown for more than 5 minutes and did not get any push notification although this is how it should work (see


I’m still not getting online/offline notifications from myopenhab, though the events do show in the event log. Is the problem fixed and I have to do something or is it still not working for everyone?

For me, it is still not working.
No notifications from openhab.
Only online events in the myopenhab event log.

An issue has been filed. online/offline notification