account problem

Hi all,
i tried to move to and it seemed successful however the portal shows the openhab as Offline while the logs in openhab shows "Connected to my.openHAB service"
however whenever i try to access account section in i recieve the below error
"Internal Server Error"
any help ?

Is it a typo or are you really still connected to the former my.openhab?
That would be the reason for not being ONLINE on myopenhab (the one without the dot between my and openhab!).
Concerning the ERROR, did you reply to the automitc mail you got when registering to

yes … i verified my account, moreover i created a new profile with a different username, however this time i did not receive the confirmation email

Just updated my system in order to make the complete move to myopenhab.
Can’t say where your error on the myopenhab-website is coming from. I hand an “Socket.IO error: not authorized” reported by the logs.
My mistake was an unnoticed space in one the two id files (UUID or secret).

thanks:) is there any support or helpdesk email i can send to ? for the website

It took about 10 minutes to get my email. After that I was getting an error trying to connect to my system. A reboot fixed that for me.

[quote=“Basem_AlSaeed, post:5, topic:18304, full:true”]
any support or helpdesk[/quote]

This forum :slight_smile:

I am having the same exact issue that you currently have. I cant view the account tab due to INTERNAL SERVER ERROR and I tried a different email address and I don’t receive any communication to it. No verifications, password resets, nothing. Would be nice to receive some kind of help. I see you have waited 5 days already with no help.

Hi, i have the same Problem. the old my(.) is online, but the new shows offline .
is there anyone who has an idea? thank you!

I’ve set up the new cloud service according to
and since then it is working without any problems.
So try to double/triple check your credentials …

Hi, i running not openhab2 - have you an idea for this too?
Thank you

Yes, take a look here:

thank you, i am not professionell in this case, could you tell me how i can get this link to my raspberry pi?

second question, if i put this to binding to openhab.cfg - which parameter i need to change?
############################## openHAB Cloud Connector #############################

The URL of the openHAB Cloud service to connect to.

Optional, default is set to the service offered by the openHAB Foundation



Local port that the openHAB runtime is available through HTTP.

Optional, default is 8080


Defines the mode in which you want to operate the connector.

Possible values are:

- notification: Only push notifications are enabled, no remote access is allowed.

- remote: Push notifications and remote access are enabled.

Optional, default is ‘remote’.


A comma-separated list of items to be exposed to external services like IFTTT.

Events of those items are pushed to the openHAB Cloud and commands received for

these items from the openHAB Cloud service are accepted and sent to the local bus.

Optional, default is an empty list.


my uuid and secret are set up correct

I don’ t know your network/hardware setup, either use wget or dl to your desktop and use ftp to transfer the jar to your Pi or use a browser to dl it if you have a graphical userinterface.

You don’t have to change anything in the config file if you don’t plan to expose any items to IFTT, you may use the default settings for first startup and testing.

I am talking about logging straight in to to Where you see OFFLINE or ONLINE I do not have that box. When I click on account it reroutes to INTERNAL SERVER ERROR.
Can’t receive communications to this email to receive verification to get Online.

No OFFLINE or ONLINE in banner.

Blank Page after clicking on Account with no status banner.

Me too … sorry, works without any problems …

Edit: 3 minutes ago:

So again: verify all steps again in the tutorial.

thank you so much! now it works! I installed the link and i put in this to openhab.cfg

I have the same problem

  • OH Version 1.8.3
  • Java -version 1.8.0_111
  • I have added the package in ADDONS
  • Added the connector in /configurations/openhab.cfg
  • Made the account in myopenhab
  • Added openHAB UUID and openHAB Secret

My account always says offline

What I can do?

Account verified through email link?