does not show Menuitem "ITEMS" in topbar

Dear community,

I’ve successfully
-installed the cloud connector add-on and “published” some items
-created a user in
-connected both ( shows “ONLINE”)

But even after logging out and logging in from, I can’t see the Menu “ITEMS” like it is shown in several tutorials.

Does anyone else have the same problem with Safari? (Then it might be a browser issue) Any solution how I can solve this problem (except for installing different browser)?

Many thanks in advance for your hints!

My system:
-OpenHAB Version: 3.2
-OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.7
-Browser Safari 15.3

These must be older tutorials that you are looking at. The ability to publish items via myopenbab was removed some time ago. If you are working on something that absolutely requires this feature then you will have to look into hosting your own instance of the openhab cloud service.

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Thank you, @JustinG , this might be an explanation. BTW, after login at I also have access to my panel at
so the connection really seems to be established.

Then I will continue now to connect openhab cloud with my Alexa Skill… let‘s hope it works…

Best regards,

Yes, topic closed! Alexa Skill did detect my items now. Perfect!