Down - Internal Server Error

I guess it isn’t just me:

I’ve got the same error.

same for me! Regards

I hope it’s not a DoS attack

Same here.

Still down for me same error… Can’t seem to find any official announcement. says “Service Degraded”

Yes has been down for last 7 hours. No Official Announcement yet. Wondering , when this will be back?

…still down…

Started on 1st of april😕?

Using team viewer to connect to the PC and then…

hope it will be fixed

I have a vpn setup. But does not help me with alexia intergration. :frowning: it seemed to be about midnight here in the uk. So dead on 1st. Seems abit suspect to me.

If it was simple to setup Alexa integration without I would do it. But I have a feeling that it will be a lot more complicated than I am willing to figure out.

Agreed. We use alexa more for control than anything else. We have a 8in tab on wall in every room where the switch should be and still use alexa.

I can still remember that night. I had to go to sleep with the lights on. Google would not assist me. :rofl:


It would be awesome if someone would integrate myopenhab into openhabian, and make the Alexa skill configurable for a personal domain name. Maybe even add support for the Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication.