items not showing

Hi everyone,

I am still experiencing issues with the cloud service. If I log into the it says “online”.

My openhabcloud.cfg has this entry:


One of my items looks like this:

Switch  GF_LR_Big_Floor_Lamp_Top_Toggle                                 (gAll_GF_LR_Lights, gGF_LR_Big_Floor_Lamp) ["Lighting"] { channel="hue:XXXXXXXXX:GF_LR_Big_Floor_Lamp_Top:color" }      

Does anyone have an idea, why the item is not shown in the cloud? I did change the item state!

Have those Items changed state since adding them to expose?

yes they did.

Why are you exposing the items, for what reason/goal? Are you using IFTTT or are you only using the cloud connector to run Alexa or Google Home?

See here…

I am only using the cloud connector to run alexa. No IFTTT

Even I am facing the same problem, not seeing the items back in whcih I wanted to trigger via IFTTT, any idea when can this be fixed?!

Then I am pretty sure you don’t need to expose any items and if you do, you are only contributing to the load on the myopenhab server for no reason. For Alexa and google home you just need to tag the items you do not gain anything by using expose. I was confused about why and what it was and feel the cloud connector page and the documentation probably needs a little more added to make it clearer otherwise we will have people adding things to the expose list when it is not needed.

Check this link out to see if one of those 10 things is causing the issue…

No idea but it has only been turned off for the last few days and when the issue of the large load is fixed it should return to normal. See the thread I linked to for more info and work around methods. This has nothing to do with the OP since they are not using IFTTT.

Same problem here: items no longer showing in myopenhab. I think since Friday 26th July

This line needs to have the lighting or switchable tag added to it or Alexa will never see it.


As you can see above, it has the tag! Just need to scroll a little to the right.

Any other ideas?

See my link as you need to read number three on that list. Label needed.

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This is definitely a grey area in the documentation that is catching up a few people (now that exposed items don’t show up in myopenhab).

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Yes and it makes me wonder how much load on the myopenhab server is from people exposing stuff that is not needed to be. Can someone volunteer to update the docs? @Andrew_Rowe? Is there any reason other than IFTTT that needs the items exposed, or is it the only reason currently?

that is correct, I use the cloud connector and have nothing exposed

Let me track down the right repo and I’ll see if I can get a pr going

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OK… I found what it was I was thinking. Here is a recent issue raised on the hueemulation binding which indicates something changed and all items not tagged as [internal] get exposed
@5iver Scott, can you read thru this thread quickly and see if this issue is causing high load on servers?
@digitaldan Dan, are you aware of following issue and could it be causing problems with server load?

(original post due to caffeine levels not yet up)
Sorry for not yet fully absorbing what is going on but I swear there was recent talk where something changed and all items which are not tagged [ignore] or something like that are automatically exposed or something, I think it’s a bug. Maybe this is wreaking havoc with servers, have the servers been experiencing high load? Off to dig around a little…

something is up… the other thread is about ifttt integration


This issue will only affect people using the snapshots (soon 2.5M2, if this is not deemed critical), and only after hueemulation is fixes so that it can discover devices again. Also, exposed to Alexa does not mean exposed to, so I can’t see it being related. TMK, exposed to does expose the devices to the Alexa skill.

@digitaldan will know best and might also be able to look into the hueemulation issues, which it looks like David is no longer supporting (but officially still listed as a codeowner).

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yeah that does seem to be the case if you read a few of his comments on git
example comment click the link

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that is what I did from the beginning. I just gave it another try with a test item.

Switch Testitem "Testswitch" [ "Lighting" ]

I changed the state of the item. But still no Item in