- ONLINE - But Nothing Else Showing (OH2)

Trying to get Alexa Skills working with no luck. The only issue I see at the moment is my lack of connectivity to

The service shows as “ONLINE” in green but there is nothing else, no items, no event logs, no notifications etc…
I have logged in and out and restarted services and generated a new UUID multiple times all with no luck.

I can only assume (and hope) my Alexa issue is related to this issue

ANY thoughts???

If shows online that is all you need to use the Amazon skill.

Then follow this announcement:

Thanks for that - my issue is that when I scan for devices (“Discover Devices”) on the Alex a app, none of the items I created are there (Five total Z-Wave Dimmers as my test setup).

  • I can see items and control them via Paper UI.
  • I have tagged them “Lighting”
  • I see the tags correctly using REST
  • I do NOT see them listed in Alexa App (even after rescan)
  • They are NOT showing up on I imagine if I don’t see them there then Alexa will not either which is why I cant control them (Alexa cant find the devices in my account when I ask - even if I ask her realllly nice")
  • My Device shows ONLINE with the current Time/Date at the MyOpenHab site

I am at a total loss for what to try next!
I even deleted and recreated my MyOpenHab account

Help! :slight_smile:


Make sure you have that tag at the correct position (right next to the left side of the channel definition)



good! You don’t need to expose your items to the cloud and therefore it is totally normal that you don’t see them there.


The only thing I can think of: did you successfully connect your myopenhab cloud to your Amazon skill?

Thanks again for trying to help - always much appreciated!!
So yes I have the tag correctly placed (originally I had after channel { … } but didn’t show correctly with REST calls - so I changed it to before and now the tags do show (one example):

Dimmer Kitchen_Lights "Kitchen" <light> [ "Lighting" ] {channel="zwave:device:15a5de49c6a:node4:switch_dimmer" }
  • With that said I know you said it’s good that items not showing on myopenhab BUT I’d like to see them at least once so I know thats working…

  • I’ll try to remove and reinstall Alexa now BUT what I do see the Alexa scan is my original Hue lights (not yet added as items in this openhab just discovered as things as this point - keeping simple for testing)

So in summary the Alexa app shows:

  • NO sign of any z-wave devices even with the LIGHTING tag
  • All the original Hues as normal items (as seen without OpenHab) and they still work with Alexa
  • PLUS all the same Hues but with their OpenHab thing ID’s but “offline” this is the way its listed - one example:
  Brightness (Offline) Dimmer hue_0100_00178825a309_5_brightnesss Lighting via openHab

So the openhab/Alexa discovery seems to be working for the original Hue light and the same lights as “things” as reported by OpenHab (even if they are just in the OH2 db as things and not yet in the items file.

(Every time I think I got this OH2 stuff figured out… dang!!) :rage:

Then you need to expose those items (groups don’t work!) to the cloud, either through PaperUI or openhabcloud.cfg. After exposing you need to change the state at least once so they got uploaded.

So maybe you paired your hue lights directly with Alexa? That is possible but then you don’t need any tags because the lights are controlled without the intervention of openHAB. For ease of use I did NOT pair my hue lights with Alexa, but tagged them in openHAB like all the other devices I want to switch with Alexa.
But both options are available …

This question remains unanswered. You need to login to your myopenhab account and take a look at … (that damn thing is offline again, cannot take a look at it) one of your account tabs, there should be something like “Registered Services” and it needs to show “Amazon Skill” or something similar …

Okay, it’s back online, what I meant is:

Account -> Applications -> Authorized at: