online/offline notification

There was once a feature that notification was received after some time Openhab was disconnected. And new notificaiton when it is back online. But this stopped working some time ago. So I wanted to ask you if is working as intended (something was changed)? Or if it can be configured somehow to enable/disable this feature but it is disabled by default?

This feature is useful especially when you have some security sensors connected to Openhab and you would like to know that connection to Openhab was lost so you will not receive security notifications anymore until you will receive notification that Openhab is back online.

Hi Jim, can you open a ticket up at ? I seem to remember we disabled this feature a while ago when we were having service issues and may have not turned it back on.

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I went ahead and opened one. I just noticed this the other day myself when I ran an update and noticed I didn’t get the offline message per usual.

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Ok, super :slight_smile:

No news regarding this?

Anyone there?

Waking up a really old thread is not going to get any notice. Go to the Issue on Github and comment on the issue. That is how to get the attention of the developers.