unable to logon

I’m unable to logon to

I setup my account and received the activation email. I clicked the activation link and it logged me in but since then I’ve not been able to logon. I’ve tried to reset my password without success. In reading the blogs I think I know what the issue is but i need to know remove and or reset my account.

I believe the problem is that when I register with services I use a + sign in my email which causes google to ignore everything past the plus. This allows me to sort email i.e. user+myopenhab@domain. I believe the + is causing the issue with

I tried to register my base email again but I think the system is confused now. Please let me know what is needed to help reset my account or resolve this issue.

I do know my passwords, I use lastpass to manage my passwords.


I am curious the response. I had. site once barf on the plus also.

I get the error Unknown user or incorrect password. I’ve tried to reset my password and have waited for more than a day and still no luck.