Myopenhab password reset not possible

Hello all,
I tried to reset my password in myopenhab. Now the login page says “Unknown user or incorrect password”.
Is there an admin I can contact?


Experiencing the same just now. Password reset function defective? Did you ever sort this out?

I have got the same problem. I made an error while typing in the initial password, so I tried to have my password reset but never received a reset e-mail to my mail-account.

The “confirm new account” mail was sent to an userid, which, according to the password reset panel, is not registered?

Registering another email is impossible, as the UID is already in use. So I am locked out from

Any help is appreciated!

Same problem here. Login was not taking my password so I had it send me a reset link.

I followed the link, and it said it successfully reset my password, but the password is not accepted for login.

I’m guessing there’s probably a hard lockout on the account, but the UI is not expressing that.

Who handles these things? BTW, my original failed login used the stored password I had in Chrome. The password had never been changed since I set it up a few months back, so it was odd that it was no longer being accepted.


Did anyone ever get this problem sorted? I now have the same issue.


Are you sure email address is correct?

Duh, had used my username instead of email in the App. Simple things…

Thanks for the reply though.

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I was using my username not email Doh!

Simple things… thanks for your reply though!

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Happy to help!

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I have the same problem now.
I’m using an emailaddress with a plus-sign:
Maybe that’s a problem now, but I’m not able to connect any more.

If I’m opening the password-reset link from the mail, it doesn’t work in the first try.
In the second try it works.
But then it’s not possible to login with the new password.

It’s very likely the plus symbol, there have been reports of issues, but we have not yet tacked that issue.

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I have the same problem. I set up an account in Myopenhab cloud, including the uuid and passcode from the installed app. Myopenhab apparently accepted the uuid, but said it could not see the local instance of openhab2. I closed the browser to work on something else, but when I went back to Myopenhab I could not log in. I tried resetting the pasword a couple of times, but each timeI tried to log in after changing the password, the login failed. I’m now unable to use the the account, and of course can’t use the same uuid and secret again under a new account name. If I un-install the add-on and then re-install, will I get a different uuid/secret combo?


@mashborn I can definite confirm plus in an email is bad. You need an email without the + at the present moment.

Hi everyone,
(First post here!)

I’m having the same issue as @FrankVC, I just created a myopenhab account (no + in the email) and can’t log in. I can reset the password but still can’t log in after that. Trying to change my password doesn’t work either as it tells me my old password is incorrect

I can log in to another user that I created though, so it looks a little like Login for admin user(s) on not possible?

Any ideas of what I can try ?


I have the same problem loggin in The page returned wrong password or user.
After several try I’ve reset the password with no success.
The app using the original login user and password is however still running fine on Google Home.

Hi there,

I have the exact same problem:
Created an account with a + sign in the email and I’m not able to login or reset the password :frowning:

Any help is highly appreciated!

Kind regards

@BaBa44 You may need to create another account, remove the UUID password and secret from your server.

UUID found here for linux apt install.

Uninstall the cloud binding, clean the cache and tmp folders (see below), then reinstall the cloud binding to generate new UUID. Note, doing this may not generate a new secret id but you should be ok using the old/same secret id. Just make sure the UUID is new.

To clean cache and tmp:

sudo systemctl stop openhab2.service

sudo openhab-cli clean-cache

sudo systemctl start openhab2.service

Worked like a charm.
Also thank you very much for the detailed describtion of what excatly to do! :slight_smile: