Myopenhab problem

I switched from OH2 to OH3 and I have a problem with remote access via myopenhab,
The application on the phone works properly and shows me what I wanted, but access from the www level is impossible, i.e. I see a white page without any data, I do not know what to do.

Probably the same as this:

My problem is a bit different, I have the ability to control from the android application but I cannot access via the website at
I can log in to, the driver is online but “Your openHAB is online. Click here to access your openHAB’s dashboard” is not working

Did you update your OpenHAB UUID and Secret on your myopenhab account?

Yes, in general, the application on my phone works fine for me
I wanted to run the application in windows and on the internet control panel, communication is not working here, I have a white page,
I wonder if it is not a problem related to upgraid, changing OH2 to OH3 I did not do a new installation but I upgraded the old version to OH3

What happens if you enter it directly in the browser IPADDRESS:8080 that should work

this is how everything works
works locally, only remote access does not work on pc, phone is ok

Maybe you should try to check if the UUID/password in your system is equal to the settings on myopenhab.

He already proved that when writing that everything ist working with Android App…

I have the same problem. I have two Openhab servers running and both show the same error. I can reach the servers locally and myopenhab shows that they are online, but when I click on the dashboard it is empty.

Unfortunately, no one seems to know what the problem is because there is no answer

After reading several threads regarding MainUI not showing on the android app 2.19.0 with backend openhab version 3.1 when using “remote URL” (not in WifI but via 4G network), although the access to mainUI via is working via a full-fledged webbrowser, I can confirm now that the mainUI suddenly appeared in the android app, after setting the regional settings to “undefined/blank” in the backend openhab settings. The “language” settings have not been adjusted and were “German” in both cases!

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I can confirm that too. The Android App only works with local url. If I don’t have home wifi the main ui remains blank/white. After I switched from German to undefined I could connect via the remote url. After switching back to German it still works.