MyOpenhab Push Not working?

Since yesterday my push notifications on my phones (iPhone) via my myopenhab is not working anymore. Restart of the openhab instance and reinstall of cloud connector and app did not solve the problem. I see on the website the messages are arriving at myopenhab and also OpenHAB instance is connected.

Manually I can send push notifications over the website to my phone. Looks for me like the arriving messages are not routed correctly?!

Are there any problems in the server side?

Now I received push again without any change - any known issue on myopenhab service ?

No, we have not had any reports of messages not working. If the mobile app is not launched for a very long time, Apple will expire the notification token and we can’t send messages until the app connects again at least once to myopenhab so we can get a new one. Not sure if this is the case in your situation.

Thanks for your reply :wink:
Hm no not really - did a fresh app install and verified on multiple devices (iPad and iPhones)
So there must be something else happening on the cloud side