myopenHAB replaces my.openHAB!

@Kai I got the information here openHAB Cloud Connector

I know, this is the page where you get when you follow the openHAB 1.x documentation. That’s why I say that you took the wrong turn :slight_smile:

@Kai I have to be honest, it is sometime confusing trying to find the right data. Partly because of all the exciting changes and partly because newbies sometimes grab the first info they find that gets things to work. - Again, I think this thread is very helpful for anyone trying to get myopenhab to work in openHAB2.

BTW I just renamed the file to openhabcloud.cfg

Sorry, never seen those errors …

I have the same error?!?!?

2016-12-20 21:02:54.444 [ERROR] [o.o.i.o.internal.CloudClient ] - JSONObject[“sitemap”] not a string.

Anyone have a idea what could be wrong. It seems to happen at an update of item states to the myopenHAB Cloud.

I’m using/testing the version

Although some users reported that sendNotification still works, i cannot get notifications from a rule. But i can get notifications that i send from the textbox on

What i tried is

  1. sendNotification(“my@email.address”, “Test”) like on the intro page
  2. sendBroadcastNotification(“Test”) also does not work
  3. the cloud service source code says something about “String userId” as input so i tried various IDs i found on the webpage (device ids, ids that are within the url of devices and the user etc.) but no success

Either i get no log message, or sometimes:

2016-12-20 20:42:26.886 [WARN ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Jetty request 344160 failed: null

but i dont know if its related to the send attempt.
I have registered two user, is that maybe a problem?

Can somebody help me? Thanks

Edit: Opened an own topic here

While you’re in there tweaking myopenhab - would be great to have our local time incorporated into this.

Example :

These events are 12 hours in the future!! (or my timezone is 12 hours ahead of the website, pick and choose)

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@Dan_Stasiak, @andirs, @matty & others,

I would suggest to report issues, change requests, etc. directly at - this is where the code lives and the developers can keep track of it.
Any pure support question best go to


@dinki and @Kai is there any reason why config file for the cloud is not generated when I used the paper ui to add the misc service? Or am i looking in the wrong folder?


can you add everyitems in a group to be exposed or do i need to write all manually?


in openhabcloud.cfg

Not to be critical or anything, but I am starting to get a bit worried about openhab and stability, this is the second time in a year that the myopenhab service have been taken out of service, first were java issue and now domain issue. Is there a reason why the old version could not be kept running but not maintained? Or that an autoupdate could not fix it? For me it only took 4 hours to upgrade to myopenhab(took a while before I figured out how to get the cloud to show up in the paper ui, that the secret changed, and that reboot were needed to get it online), but if I sell the flat this might be a major issue to new user with no interest in openhab. Have the openhab group considered having a yearly service fee for those who will not fuzz with reconfiguration, and hand this over to someone else that remotely can accsess openhab and reconfigure?(just in case i one day wanna sell my flat, i would like to avoid to throw away openhab for something else, because openhab is awesome for everyone with some interest in smart home:) )

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i have some problems to install openhab cloud.

Now we need to change into the openhabcloud directory and check if node is installed:

node --version

If i run this comand after clone clone the openHAB Cloud repository the command is not found.

I using a pine64. Do i have to install the node manually?

Lets track your issue at the openhab cloud space, not in this thread. I willtry to help.

So… since the openhabcloud:expose= line is in the configuration file, does that mean I’m going to have to restart the entire OpenHAB server every single time I want to expose another item?

Isn’t there a better way?

Sure there is: Edit the file and don’t restart the server.

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Ah, I didn’t realize the config file is re-read on the fly!

I’ll have to try that this week.

Is there an expected date for the Alexa skill? I just got a Dot for Christmas and am looking to try it out! If there an official skill coming that avoids messing around setting up from source I’d like to do that!

Merry Christmas!

We have submitted it to Amazon a few weeks ago already and are waiting for the approval. Amazon unfortunately does not provide any ETA :frowning:
We will announce it here as soon as it is available, no worries.


I am new to this community forum and am trying to migrate to the new myopenhab cloud service.
I think I have everything in order and both local and remote iOS screens are working.
However, I can’t see any item activity on myopenhab. Am I correct in assuming that if there were items updating on the my.openhab site than this should be happening through the new service?


No. In my.openhab you used to have a myopenhab.persist file which according to the settings transferred your item states to the cloud.

In the new openhab cloud connector binding you need to expose each individual item to the cloud:

in openHAB1:

in openHAB2:
PaperUI -> Configuration -> Services -> openHAB Cloud -> Configure -> Expet Mode -> expose …

Great thanks, got it working and can now see items in IFTTT!! (after I remembered to remove #, doh)

Thanks for the help… Now I also have it working in OH2. This should be fixed!