Myopenhab SSL certificate expired

Just noticed that SSL certificate at is expired today.


Thank you. Hopefully @digitaldan can look at it :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems ok via Chrome:

No, not here. Something is wrong with the start en end date.
I assume not all instances have been renewed? Not loading - getting expired cert errors.

Certificate has definitely expired as of Saturday, 1 June 2019 at 11:59:04 Australian Eastern Standard Time (about 5 hours ago). My Alexa V3 test skill is decidedly unhappy! now loading for me. iOS app also not throwing errors.

Getting a “504 Gateway Time-out” when connecting to Dashboard, and Alexa is not working again, restarting the cloud connector did not help, in my openhab the status is “online”

Hope @digitaldan has some time to look at it!

Just to note it: The both domains seems to use different certificates. - VALID - EXPIRED

Sorry for this, we have an issue with our load balancers where one renewed its certificate correctly , but the other did not. The default letsencrypt renew process we had setup for a single load balancer is not going to work reliably now that we have more than one load balancer. I am looking at changing that now to use a different auto renew process that will work for our setup.

In the mean time i manually renewed the affected load balancer a few hours ago, so we should be ok for a while.


Thanks Dan. Much appreciated.

Thanks. Good Job.

It’s expired again as of Sun,2nd August 2020.

Its renewed now, checking why our cron job is not doing this automatically.


Thank you

@digitaldan FYI the certificate just expired again today.

Yes, I get a warning too. Pls renew it. Thanks

yup broke again:))…i was testing the API and i was tinking it’s from me :))

Yeah , for some reason ngnix did not reload after our certificate manager renewed our let’s encrypt certs . I just gave it a little nudge and things look better now . I’ll take a look and see why it did not auto reload the ngnix service .


Working perfect! Thanks <3