Mysam AI

This seemsā€™intresting as it uses the same programming.
Maybe someone can look into it to bind it with openhab.
Would be cool if you could teach it how to manage your house.

Maybe some could take a look :wink:

Or you can integrate the other way and have mysam call openHAB via the REST API.

Depending on how well it can handle natural language processing I can see it being pretty useful for voice control.

However, personally I want my home automation to be deterministic. Based on a given input it should always do a specific thing, do it every time, do it the same way every time, and not do anything else. I donā€™t want to have to teach the HA what I want it to do and I donā€™t want to have to make sure it hasnā€™t ā€œlearnedā€ to do something unexpected.

True about what you say, but it depends on how it evolves in what you want it tobe.
My tought was that in the future we could have the jarvis we all dream about :wink:
I think this may be a good start for the ones willing to integrate and test it.
Grtz wolf