Mysensors binding - channel names disappearing in paperui control page after reboot?

Currently have a pi3 runnning both OH2 as well as a mysensors ethernet gateway. I use simple mode so the control page is automatically populated when things are added. In general it is working fine with standard mysensors nodes being detected automatically in paperui.

However if I reboot the pi, the names of the channels linked to the mysensors things disappear (this is on the paperui > control page only). Everything works fine except for the no channel names.I have to unlink and relink the channels on each of the things for the names to reappear. It doesn’t happen to my other device bindings and it’s a pain to have to re-do each mysensors thing on a reboot.

Any thoughts on why this is happening? Is it a binding issue?

And it works! Thanks ganesh - do I have to do it any time I reboot openhab? In any case I’ll take this over having to unlink/relink channels. I have no issues with other bindings (although I only have LIFX and Harmony at the moment).

To answer your question - actually pretty good. I started messing with NRF based sensors before mysensors but those early libraries were pretty basic and didn’t work very well. Mysensors are pretty well developed and even have signing authentication as an option (both hardware and software based). My tests so far indicate that pretty decent battery life should be possible. At the moment I’ve got the basic temp/humidity sensors working and just finished coding a battery powered watering system using an electronic tap timer from our local hardware place. my current sketches use about half the available memory on a atmega 328P.

Github - I’ll be filing an issue for the mysensors binding (it’s not an official add on at the moment). As it does not affect my other bindings it may not be an openhab issue.

Thanks for posting - I raised an issue for the binding an linked this thread but looks like the dev isn’t around at the moment.

Hello @ganesh.ingle !

Thanks for your fix. I too suspect that this is a bug in the OpenHAB core rather than a binding related bug. Are you aware of an reported issue about this bug? I was not able to find one.

No, I’m no member of the MySensors team.
I suppose they’re glad to receive a PR! I’m not sure who’s the best to contact according to NRF24 details, maybe mfalkvidd at is a good choice because he is very active and will surely respond fast.