Mysql persisitence tab empty

I properly configured (i can see entries in the mysql openhab db using phpmyadmin) the binding
I can see in items details persistence info in habmin that the persistnce strategy is properly set.

But I cannot see any item in the item list in persistence tab.
I have seen the items there just once and then not anymore.
I can see other persistece items (rr4j, sense).

As an additional note items are not visible also in the graphic blocly rule editor (i.e. in the item dropdown).
I was reading in the forum/issues that this could also be a symptom of something wrong in mysql config.


[quote=“Nicola_Reina, post:1, topic:4807, full:true”]
I can see other persistece items (rr4j, sense).[/quote]

Did you notice the little tab on the lower right hand side of the browser windows? You can switch between the different persistence services you have set up.

sure I did.
If I switch to the other persitences i mentionned items list gets populated.
not for mysql selection.
on the other hand I can see in item properties :mysql:everychange and restoreonstartup (the properties I set in the strategy persistence file)

Did you get this sorted out?
I have the same problem as you, and cant figure out why items are missing in mysql list in habmini, db is populated whit data but items are missing in habmin

Nope. Unfortunately due to work I have not been able to dedicate much time lately to OH :frowning:

I am also stuck on this problem. If anybody could help us out, it would be appreciated.

Here’s where I am:

  1. Openhab installed with persistence and mysql addons
  2. Openhab is writing into the mysql table successfully because I can see items in the tables
  3. In OpenHab, the persistence tab is empty and does not populate anything even after changing the setting in the bottom corner to ‘mysql’.

EDIT: I got mine working. I didn’t have the default persistence set to my sql in openhab.cfg. Once I set that, mine suddenly started working. Yippee!

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