Mysql persistence stopped working

I have had a working setup for weeks. Since last week nothing is stored anymore.
The mysql database in on my synology NAS as openhab is.

In the debug log I get this:

17:23:34.933 [DEBUG] [sqlPersistenceServiceActivator:32   ] - mySQL persistence bundle has been started.
17:23:34.958 [DEBUG] [.p.internal.PersistenceManager:147  ] - Initializing mysql persistence service.
17:23:35.078 [DEBUG] [.p.m.i.MysqlPersistenceService:532  ] - Query aborted on item KNXTemp8 - mySQL not initialised!
17:23:35.086 [DEBUG] [.p.m.i.MysqlPersistenceService:532  ] - Query aborted on item KNXTemp3 - mySQL not initialised!
17:23:35.090 [DEBUG] [.p.m.i.MysqlPersistenceService:532  ] - Query aborted on item KNXTemp2 - mySQL not initialised!
17:23:35.094 [DEBUG] [.p.m.i.MysqlPersistenceService:532  ] - Query aborted on item KNXTemp5 - mySQL not initialised!
17:23:35.097 [DEBUG] [.p.m.i.MysqlPersistenceService:532  ] - Query aborted on item KNXTemp7 - mySQL not initialised!
17:23:35.101 [DEBUG] [.p.m.i.MysqlPersistenceService:532  ] - Query aborted on item KNXTemp6 - mySQL not initialised!
17:23:35.105 [DEBUG] [.p.m.i.MysqlPersistenceService:532  ] - Query aborted on item KNXTemp10 - mySQL not initialized!

I do not get any other warnings / errors?

How to proceed to find the error?

I have checked everything three times and did not find a solution for the above issue.
I did set-up everything from scratch but also no luck.
I still get the same warning : mySQL not initialized!
:sob: Anyone an Idea how to solve the issue? :sob:

Before the system ran for more than a month without issues. It stored my data and I could use it (and used it) for making graphs.

Finally I found out what the problem is.
I had made a typo in the mysql config. This was the reason that the mysql binding was not working.
Once corrected all started working again :grinning: