MyStrom Button switch a Z-WAVE Switch

Hello I have all my z-wave fibaro switches in OpenHAB (RaPi3). Now I like to use a MyStrom WiFi Button to turn on/off such a switch. But as IFTTT is disabled by OpenHAB it is not an easy task.

I also tried the " Mystrom Eco Power Binding" but because it is very old it seems not to support Buttons - or I was not able to figure out how a button would be added as an item.

Has anybody a MyStrom Button connected to OpenHab2.5 and is using it as a switch for another device?

Thanks for any help.

just found the solution…

here the powershell code to activate single press:

$body = "post://"

$response = Invoke-RestMethod '' -Method 'POST' -Headers $headers -Body $body
$response | ConvertTo-Json