N00b Can't Even Start

I’m no IT expert but I’ve been around and know a thing or two. But I downloaded the Windows version and I ran the start.bat. It asks for some permissions for some registry access…which not great but ok. Then I go to http://localhost:8080 like it says and I get nothing. I even downloaded the recommended version or distro of Java and still nothing. What am I missing here? I’ve checked the forum and the documentation and it acts like it should just work? It feels like it wants linux not Windows but I just want to test it as a replacement for a proprietary URC system at a bar I work at

Did you setup the environment variables correct?

What do you mean by

If the URC is standalone and should be replaced completely, why still use windows?

And when it’s about testing, better use a different system - e.g. create a virtual machine for that purpose (it’s free - no costs other than your time - if you want), you can even create a virtual windows machine free of charge for testing purpose - legally.

Maybe I didn’t set up environmental variables? Nothing in the set up said anything about that. Like it just says run the .bat and go to the internal website

I’m trying to test this outside of the bar on my laptop so no need for a virtual system or anything

Well documented :slight_smile:

Well, but your laptop is Windows, so you could setup a virtual machine with debian bookworm and install openHAB on that virtual machine.
If you’re going to replace the old system, just install debian there and get rid of windows.

Probably best to post the contents of the openhab.log file, and any output from the console where you ran the start.bat file, otherwise any response here is going to just be a guess at what might be wrong.

Definitely check out How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You for how best to format the logs and how best to ask for help.

Good luck!