Nanno Dimmer trigger scene

I have added a Nano Dimmer to my Z wave setup, and it works fine. I only have it connected to group S1 as my switch is only a single button momentary one. I would however like to be able to trigger a scene by double tapping or something like that. By consulting the manual I don’t seem to find that possibility with S1 . Does anyone know if that is possible? It seems possible on Fibaro so therefore I would suspect it also working on Nano Dimmer, but I might be mistaken :slight_smile:

Which UI?

For HABPanel, you can do this:

<button ng-dblclick='sendCmd(YOURITEM, VALUE)'>Click me</button>

I’m fairly sure that you can only use S2 to switch other groups.

i think he wants to trigger it from the physical switch

I don’t know that there’s a way to do it. the binding doesn’t respond fast enough to watch for events in the log and make it work based on that, at least not that i’ve tried with mine. I have another issue with mine not behaving right to the point where i know if i tried to do what you want to do i can guarantee it won’t work.

sorry to say!

There are actually zwave devices that has a double click functionality…

i finally made a little progress with my aeotec nano on automating dimming levels… so, there may be hope…
what is it you want to do?
double tap = ??

Thanks for all the replies.

What I wanted to do was double tapping resulting in calling a scene.

I have four light circuits in our kitchen and I only have space for two light switches meaning I use two dual button switches each place resulting in S2 is unavailable.

What I really would like to do was being able to double tap the switches to call a light scene instead of having to switch each of the four on manually (or via a sensor). I think we would end up with following scenes:

-Normal light (full power on all four circuits)
-Dinner light (dimmed three of the circuits and full power on the last one)
-Evening (two circuits turned off and two dimmed)
-Night (two circuits turned off and the last two dimmed to min)

In real life I would be really happy if I could trigger a scene calling “Dinner light” by double tapping on a switch and when I turn it on by single tap it is “Normal light”. Evening and night will be fine handled by motion sensor and time.

My only alternative as far as I know is to use a Aeotec Wallmote, but that is adding yet another thing on the wall - so would be nice to avoid.

Alternatively I can wire some of the circiuts only to a dimmer and not to a swich and then using the spare S2 to control scenes, but then I cannot turn on or off the lights not wirred to the switch via the switch?

I’m not entirely sure what changed regarding my upgrade to 2.2, maybe z-wave? Whatever it was z-wave is reporting things a bit faster and i’m able to manipulate dimmer levels and have it actually work. I’ll paste here what i’ve done and you can tailor it to your needs. I didn’t read every bit of your post this time around (i probably will go back over it at some point) but i think this is relevant.

This is just a simple double switch to take it to full brightness. I have another rule that when the kitchen lights are turned on they either go to 35 or 100 depending on outside LUX. So, at night it goes to 35 unless the switch is flipped on twice then it goes to full. you can’t flip it real fast. watch your event logs to get an idea of how fast it responds.

Dimmer	Kitchen_Lights_Dimmer			"Kitchen Lights Dimmer"									[ "Lighting" ]									{ channel="zwave:device:0a3b2217:node4:switch_dimmer" }
Switch	Kitchen_Lights_Switch			"Kitchen Lights"					(alllights)			[ "Lighting" ]									{ channel="zwave:device:0a3b2217:node4:switch_dimmer" }
Switch kitSW1   { expire="7s, command=OFF" }
Switch kitSW2   { expire="7s, command=OFF" }


rule "Kitchen Full Light on Double Switch"
	Item Kitchen_Lights_Switch changed from OFF to ON
	if ( kitSW1.state == OFF && kitSW2.state == OFF ) {
	} else if ( kitSW1.state == ON && kitSW2.state == OFF ) {

the thread sleeping…i’m not entirely sure its necessary. it takes a moment for OH to get the hail from z-wave and when i was testing this sort of stuff a while ago if i sent something to the module too quickly after it reported it would ignore whatever i sent. since it works right now i’m just going to leave it.

Thanks - I’ll have to play around with that to see if I can get it working.

When you double tap does it manage to respond to the first tap and then first after a while on the second tap or does it in real life seems like it just responds to the double tap?

I’m using a micro, it’s a little slower to respond. Maybe 3 to 4 seconds
total. I just got a nano which i think is what you said you have and that
one responds much much faster. I think you may be able to get away with a
quicker double tap. I haven’t applied it to the nano, maybe tonight.

i tried it on the nano. its quite a bit faster. i’d post the log but i have another rule that adjusts it down based on outside LUX and it interfered. I’ve been remodeling a bathroom all day so i didn’t feel like bothering with the rules beyond a simple test just now.

just know it’s much faster. 2-3 seconds tops