Nanocul change hardware settings - Is it possible?

Hi all. I’m using a NanoCul by Homegear running on Debian (Openhab).

I would like to check and change the settings of the NanoCul itself, like its is possible on FHEM by using a module called CULModules.

Those are the settings I would like to check/change:

Ist this possible on homegear/debian?

Hey @wlanrouter1 ,

first of all this is an english speaking forum, so you should stick to englisch.

But now to the real anser. If you are not familar wirh englisch just send me an personal messge.

You will not get any answer regarding homegear. Fpr homegear answers you should use the homegear forum and ask there Sathya typically will answer very fast.

If it is possible to check the CUL from a linux commandline this sould be possible with openhabian as well, but your link points in the direction that you should enter the commands at the fhem commandline. So iam really in doubt that it works out of the box.

Maybe we find another soulition if you describe your problem.

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I am awfully sorry. I was reading some German topics and forgot that there are more than just my language :sweat_smile:

I have changed the text for following user to read and to post a solution, if I find one.

May I ask, is Sathya an username?

Sathya is the founder of homegear and i this his username as well

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