nanoCUL for MAX! Switch on OH2 Raspi Jessie

did anybody managed to get a nanoCUL to work with MAX! Windowkontakt working under OH2 yet?

In OH2 the org.openhab.binding.max binding is implemented. If I see it right, this binding works only with the MAX!Cube, not with the CUL, right?
If so, for the CUL the org.openhab.binding.maxcul-1.8.2.jar must be implemented in OH2 using the compatibility mode, right? How exactly? Has anybody done that and can write a small summary on that?

My nanoCUL is allready programmed (V: 1.66) and answers in cutecom on interrogation of version, and eg. shows signal-strenght of received data.

Any help appreciated,

Haven’t tried OH2, but to get maxcul working, see this thread.