Nanoleaf Canvas touch Channel not showing up

Hey guys,

I am very new to Openhab, my main goal is to use the Touch Function from the Nanoleaf Canvas.
I managed to bind the Controller with all chanels (On/off rhythm color…) and I also was able to bind the 9 panels I got. But they got only 1 Chanel (Color) the documentation of the binding says it should have 3 Chanels (color, one tap, two tap).
Someone know what I do wrong?
Do i need a other binding/driver that openhab find the 2 tap switches per panel?

Thx in advance


Is there a “show more” icon when looking at the channels? If so click on it to see all available channels. Not sure if this applies to this binding but other do.

Hmm sadly not :confused:


Touch support is only available since 2.5.1. Can you make sure you have that binding running? In case you don’t, please update and let me know how it goes.


I used a newer jar file and now it works fine

In case this happens it makes sense to delete the lightpanels and rediscover them because they now have more channels.