[nanoleaf] Nanoleaf Aurora binding (just started development, collecting requirements)

The new binding with version 2.5.1/.2 is now available. Please go ahead, and look up the new functions:

New Features

  • Stability
  • Touch support has been implemented for the Canvas
  • The Readme of the binding contains much more information regarding Discovery, Configuration, Hints and the new Canvas touch support.



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Hi Stefan. Can i download the new version as a jar file. I am still running stable.
Because i have a lot of problems by sending color values to separat nanoleaf panels.
I use it as app notification.
Thanks and greetings,

Hi Markus,

I am honestly not really familiar how to pinpoint to the exact version that was built by Travis related to the Pull Request I did. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Here is what I can tell you though

Hope that helps

Hi Stefan.
Thanks for this. Can i use this snapshot in the addon folder? Or do you know when the next addon update for stable arrives?

Yes, it is compatible with my 2.5.x. The core will stay on 2.5.1 while there will be new minor versions for the addons around every month with 2.5.2 coming very soon.

Hi Stefan!

Thanks to some unexpected but not unappreciated spare time, I got to look into this again. And after updating my openHab Installation, the Auto Discovery of the individual panels finally is working for me! Thanks so much for all you work with this binding!

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That’s great to hear. Thanks for coming back to me, @Daniel_O

Youre very welcome!

Question: is there any setting that would allow me to disable the transition? For example when I set a brightness from 0 to 100 it never happens instantly but gradually goes from 0 to 100 in about a second or two.

Second: any idea why it sometimes seems to “eat” a single panel? When I change more than 4 panels at once, sometimes (but not always) it “eats” the command for the 4th-5th panel, the rest is fine though. If I repeat the same sequence of commands again, it usually works then.

Btw - here is what I’m doing with it :slight_smile: current weather and forecast, color-coded on my living room nanoleaf installation

First of WOW. What a cool idea. I am in awe :slight_smile:

re 1) As far as I know, you cannot get rid of the transition but you could ask in the nanolead forum.

re 2) I can only guess here and we would have to analyze it. It could be a timing in that there have been too many requests at once. I am not sure if the code is completely fine in terms of concurrency (many commands at the same time). If you really want to analyze that, I recommend you to switch the log level to TRACE and see which commands are triggered and which requests are sent to the panels. From my experience tracking down such an issue requires a scenario that is reproducable, i.e. you would have to program an “easy” scenerio that produces the same situation every time. As soon as we have that (and I have a some triangles, which I am waiting for to receive), then I am sure we could find the root cause.


Thanks! I had this in my head for some time, but was too lazy to add all the single panels by looking them up through the API. Your binding made this a whole lot easier :slight_smile:

re: transition - wow that developer Forum seems pretty dead. I might just contact nanoleaf support.

re: disappearing commands
I didn’t check everytime, but when it happened the first couple of times I checked the logs because I figured I made a mistake in the rule - and the commands were at least received from open hab.

I’ll try it with trace mode soon.

I asked a few questions in the forum and Ali, one of the supporters always answered.

It makes me happy that I made that possible. When it’s done, send me a photo.

Yeah, trace it and let’s have a look if we can figure it out.

Btw, where are you from?

I got a private message from Nanoleaf’s primary support guy today:


I asked him whether you can get in touch with him directly regarding your question. I am sure he will help you!

Haha … good to know that they’re watching the reddit sub. It’s mostly people showing off their installations there, so I figured I’d add some variety :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting in touch with the nanoleaf guy, I’ll contact him!

I’m German btw.

Me too, so that means we can actually run a remote session together and I have a look at your system directly if you want …

WOW what a interesting idea! Will you share script later? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Just seems hard to me to remember what is what :smiley:
Is this some kind of new version on triangels? I dont have this plastic “connectors” in corners … :thinking:

Hi Tom,

I have published the rule here:

I’m still learning the DSL, so it’s far from perfect and I haven’t done any clean up yet. But it should help you to get an idea :slight_smile:

After only a little time I don’t need to remember anything, it’s quite easy :slight_smile: First column is the current conditions, second column starting is the temperature, and following the “snake” in horizontal direction are the next forecasted temps. Going up is the wind, and going further right is clouds. At least for me - it’s easy :slight_smile:

The official mounting tape didn’t work very well on my ingrain-wallpaper. So those plastic connectors are a mix of the official installation kit for the triangles (don’t buy it, it sucks and is too expensive!) and a 3d printed solution which works very well with just a small nail in each.

Nice! thnx

Hello @stefan.hoehn and maybe others :slight_smile:

Did somebody here have success with using the Binding for the new shapes, e.g. Hexagon? Somebody reached out on reddit to me, saying that the binding discovers the hexagon controller, but when adding it, the system hangs for a while and the thing stays “initiializing”.

I’m not sure if the new shapes are officially supported at all? I assume, internally they are similar to the squares, but don’t know for sure. So before I try to help this guy, I’d like to know if it works or is supposed to work in general

Yes, the hexagons will. See my posting here: Nanoleaf Binding OH3

Unfortunately, I discovered issues during testing which has nothing todo with the hexagons but rather with some unstable behaviour which I am working on to track down where it comes from in certain environments (it might be related to other bindings). So please stay tuned. It will be released soon. If you don’t want to wait, pm me and I can send you a version to download provided you are on OH3. The hexagons also support touch support.


Alright, I’ll just tell this guy to wait a little bit longer. I suppose it’s not a good idea to confront a newbie with snapshot releases.

In the meantime I migrated to OH3 and for me the binding has been working flawlessly so far. But I didn’t see the other thread, let’s take the discussion there :slight_smile: