Navigation wheel

I’d really love to see a navigation wheel as a UI element. I’m not quite sure where to file this category wise. Just wanted to see if others had interest in this or if there were any development efforts.

When it comes to controlling STBs and other TV video devices it really is pretty essential. I use openhab to turn tv on/off, switch input, and control volume. I’d really like to be able to navigate my STB menus and Kodi menus with a navigation wheel.

I’ve tried just using buttons UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, OK. However, there is no way to position them well in relation to one another…

Do you have a picture of how it should look or looks in other applications? I can hardly image what you mean.

In my mind it looks like a touch-trackball which vibrates on every step (much like the Steam Controller does).

I was thinking something along the lines of the Kodi Kore app

buttons for UP,DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, and OK

I see, like a 3x3 grid of buttons. You can have a look at - an alternative OpenHAB Client. It supports building custom grids. You can then assign icons to the buttons, and tell them which item they should update with which Command being sent.