Neato Botvac Connected ONLINE / OFFLINE issue


I used my Botvac Connected quite a while very successfully.

Recently I have the issue that it’s going offline after a short while and get the error:
Error when refreshing state. Error: Could not find robot_serial for specified vendor_name

I can solve it by changing one character of the secret or serial in PaperUI and the thing goes online for a brief moment. But after a short period it goes back to offline.

What I did:

  1. Deleted the thing and autodiscovered it again
  2. uninstalled and reinstalled the binding (org.openhab.binding.neato_2.0.0.201702202022.jar)
  3. Changed the settings in the binding (account data) several times to revive the binding / connection.

Does anyone have a clue what I could check next?
Thanks in advance.
4. Changed Serial / Secret to “revive” the binding

It seems that the binding does not like if you choose your own name instead of the preset unique ID generated during thing detection.
At least it seems that the neato thing keeps beeing online with the default name / UID.

Too early happy:
The same issue is still there with the error in my original post… ::disappointed_relieved:

Maybe solved this problem? same problem :confused:

I actually created the Thing manually in the Thing file.
This seems to work pretty well