Need a lawyer or OH3 Pro: Eurotronic Z-Wave Spirit external temperature makes me sick

Hello there…

first off all: I tried to read every thread about this topic but I did not find an answer. I´m not very familiar with all the logfile entries, so I have to ask some of you who might know this thing better than me.

I´m getting sick of the Eurotronic Spirit Valve. I have 19 off these thermostats with firmware 0.16 installed in our building, e.g. named “HZ_EG_W_EZ1”.

Most of the valves should run as a stand-alone version. But in some rooms we have more than one radiator, so i like to use the external temperature with offset 128. I´m running OH3.3.0 on a Windows 10 machine. There are some Abus SHHA1000 Smart Plugs in my network working as routers.

In rooms where we need external temperatur sensors I use also Spirit Valve, e.g. named “Mess2”. I justed linked the Channel "Mess2_sensor_temperature of " to “HZEGWEZ1_sensor_report”, wich should be the external temperature sensor.

In thing definitions I set temperature offset to “128”. Or at least I try to…

First off all: it works. Sometimes. If I change the temperature setpoint, valves closing and opening very soon. And when external temperature sensor reached the setpoint temperature, sometimes the valves are closing. Actually the Setpoint is 18°C, measured temperature is 26.5°C and rising. Last night setpoint was reduced to 15°C and when I entered the room in the morning I thought the nuclear melting point was not far away.

Second: When I change some settings in the thing, the temperature offset changes by itself from 128 to -128 (minus 128). I have not found out yet why and when it happens. But maybe this has to do with the above mentioned things?

So my questions are:

  • Did I understand the way of setting the external temp. sensor correct?
  • Is the offset settings behaviour normal to change from 128 to -128 when saving the settings?
  • Last but not least: Can anybody help me? :slight_smile:

My wife is getting pi… by the system and the time I spent with it. So before I need a lawyer and if anybody would like to help me, I I would be very thankful. :slight_smile: Whatever I have to deliver (means informations) to get help, I would do.


Hello Sören,
I have two of them and they are working mostly fine, but I also have troubles with overheating from time to time.
One is in the bathroom where it does not really matter if there are one or two degrees more, so I do not really care about.

I read longer time ago that some people are regulate heating by direct access to the valve.
You could search the forum for that.

I would not recommend an external sensor, as the PID algorithm of the device seems to be very poor.
In combination with an external sensor I guess it is a big mess.

Hi Christian,

thanks for ypur reply. I have already read the informations about that workaround. But I thought that maybe someone had found a new solution for this topic.

And the strangest thing for me is the change of the offset parameter from 128 to -128. I have no clue why the spirit sometimes, not everytime, changes this setting No. 8 by itself when changing any parameters. And I thought this could also be a reason for some strange behaviours of this Valve in relation with external temperature?

Hi Sören,
I do not use an external sensor so I cannot help you unfortunately.
Afaik Eurotronic released a V2 of this thermostat head, promoting it with “improved algorithm”.
So it seems a lot of people had troubles with the first version.

If you want to get to the bottom of the problem with the change of parameter 8 you would have to set the zwave binding into debug mode.

On the zwave database website is a tool which makes the log more readable.
If you attach it then here the maintainer of the binding could have look and maybe solve the issue.