Need a Z-Wave database update for Fibaro FGS214

I recently purchased a Fibaro FGS-214 (Single Switch) in Australia.

On trying to add to OpenHAB 3 (docker:latest), the node shows up as an ‘Unknown Device’, with Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 010F:0404:3000::5.0 shown in the logs.

Looking up the DB for this device, I can see that it’s identified there as 0404:1000 and not 0404:3000

Are we able to please add the additional type to the DB?

Looking up the 214’s bigger 2 switch brother (the 224), I can see that that it follows a similar naming convention, but both the 1000 and 3000 type are registered (0204:1000,0204:3000)

The database is community maintained

Thanks Bruce, I missed that - I saw a few threads on here of people asking for DB updates that seemed to be done by some of the OpenHAB devs. Great that the DB is community maintained, I’ll sort out an update.

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The DB started hosted by the developer at home. Last year it moved to a different site.