Need advice for new user

This is for Windows 10. I am not having trouble setting it up, I am figuring it out. I have two just quick questions:

  • I am planning on using this with the Insteon Hub, has this been proven to be used well successfully?

  • I really need help knowing what program is used here for SSH, it doesnt seem to be Putty, KiTTY or Xshell 5:


let me google that for you :wink:
why insteonPLM you might ask? I have no clue but the readme of

tells you/us “DO NOT USE THIS BINDING. The InsteonHub binding is outdated and no longer supported. Use the InsteonPLM binding instead.”

Why not use Putty?

:slight_smile: have a nice day

I will but I would really like to know what program that is. Looks nicer than Putty to me.

I am a Linux user. So I will never need an extra program for SSH. But if I have to work with a Windows Client or Server and need SSH I use putty.
Simple, small, portable on USB

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Quick googling found:

Only 89 USD per year, nice :grinning:

Wow. Thank you for that. I will be using Putty.

Just a quick one, I cannot find what I put in for “myinsteonhub.mydomain”. Is that just the internal IP?

That should do it.
But are you sure the hub provides an ssh server?

Who would pay this ???
I think about oh-my-zsh with powerlevel9k looks better and costs NOTHING