Need Hardware Recommendation: Upgrade roller shutter with external winder (Apartment on rent)

Hi guys,

My Situation:
in my current apartment (on rent) I have quite dumb roller shutters. They operate via a winder (crank?). I add two pictures to the end of my post.

I’d like to upgrade them to something smart but I was unable to find anything that seems to address my needs.

What I already found:
What I found so far is this product:

This is meant for usage on sunblinds outside, but I think it could be able to address my needs. Unfortunately it is quite expensive and the protocol doesn’t seem to be already implemented in OH. Also it isn’t well documented which results in reverse engineering.

What I want from you:
Has anyone of you upgraded such kind of roller shutters? Do you know some products which would be able to help me in my situation? Can you think of some DIY solutions?

At the end two pictures of the winder.