Need Help adding support for ZWAVE-RGB-LED-Controller

Or they are reusing IDs? I suspect they are just hopping on the Zensys ID I looked for the type & id reversed. :blush:

Looks like. Maybe another example of this misbehaviour.

Are you sure this is from the device in question?
Because according to this post

it even has the same firmware version (1.39).
So it will not be possible to add your device to the database!

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Weird …

I’ve talked to the shop I’ve bought this controller from and he said, he has this device up and running on “FHEM” home automation software with the same zwave USB stick I’m using.

Is it possible that it really is a “SM-PZ701U” which they interfaced for a LED RGB Controller like application ?

I don’t think so.
Either FHEM does not have the SM-PZ701U configured, so the type and id are available or Bruce is right and they reused the id’s.
At the moment we cannot solve your problem, please ping Chris, the developer beginning mid of November as he is on vacation right now.

Edit: I think Bruce is right as in your xml we can find command classes for an rgbw controller:


ok, so I will contact Chris.

In the meantime, is there a way to create channels and assign them manually or edit the database locally ?

Yes, there is a thread about this, please use the search function.

Very messy & risky I had it work if the device does not exist but could not get changes to work if a device is already defined in the database.

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Thanks Bruce, I’ve found this post but didn’t succeed yet.
I’m trying to get in touch with the creator of the device and check if he can change the IDs in the firmware.

Maybe that’s a better route.

Thanks for the help guys, really appreciate your invested time.

I will report back, if anything happens on my end.

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Just as a quick update.
I’ve contacted the seller and he said that the device :

is just the same device as he is selling.
Seems just to have other IDs.
Interesting thing is, that a FHEM install recognizes th device correctly and can be completely controlled by FHEM.

I will contact Chris to check if this can be somehow managed in the database.



If it is the same device with just a different ID we can add it. You can either post the xml file generated by OH or a screenshot of the attributes fro HABmin.

I don’t think we can add it: device type, id, manufacturer and even the firmware version match this device:

So, we need a pdf of the manual then?
If they reused device IDs we cannot add it because they are supposed to be unique.

No. We need to find out if the device #602 was correctly added to the database or is a fake entry.

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It should have a corresponding xml file from when it was created, right?

It’s from here and looks valid:

Could you please post a reference to that configuration?

Uh-Oh. They reused the ID then.
Return it if possible and buy something else.

I will try to find what is needed.

You are familiar with FHEM and can tell me where to look ?

Exactly my thought.
If it makes more trouble, I will.
That’s why I bought the Fibaro RGBW Controller from the other topic I updated :wink: