Need help for my shottimer rule

The validator doesn’t know what kind of thing alterwert will be at execution time.
We do - it should be a copy of an item.state object.

But that’s a good point - states are not commands, even if they look alike to us. Taking state ON from one switch Item and commanding another with it fails - it’s not the same as command ON.
It’s one of those rules quirks.

A safe course when in doubt, is to force the command interpreter parse whatever it wants out of a string.

LEDstripe_EG_KuecheDH.sendCommand (alterWert.toString)

I have now found the error. It wasn’t “toString”. It has to do with the number of loops. If I put in 4 or 6 loops, everything works. As soon as I enter 2 loops, the rule goes crazy and no longer flashes nicely. Now I’ll leave the loops on 4. Thank you for your help …