Need help on Zwave I am new to openhab

Hello! I need help on connecting zwave.

I just assembled a new setup.

  • Pi4
  • Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5. Connected thru a USB hub.
  • Schlage Connect

I have installed and run openhabian.
I use paperui. It shows Zwave Serial Controller is online.
Then I use Inbox>Z-Wave Binding>Search. I then set the Schlage Door lock to connect.
It won’t connect.

You’d better state Zwave in the title, otherwise your question might not be read by someone who could help you.

ok. thank you.

It’s a bit hard to say what might be happening.

Common problems are -:

  • You wait too long from starting the inbox search to starting inclusion on the device - this should be done quickly - within 10 or 20 seconds max.
  • The device is out of range. Most devices can be 10 or 15m from the controller (depending on the building etc). Some older devices needed to be quite close to the controller as they used low power mode, but that is no longer recommended and newer devices should not do this.
  • Sometimes people buy a controller or device from the internet which is not comparable with the other elements in their network - ZWave is a regional protocol and devices from different regions will not necessarily work together.
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I think you need to pair the device with z stick first, then plug it into rpi and then it should pop up in inbox (at least thats how I paired all my devices with zstick), check the User guide

No - this will absolutely not work with locks. You MUST use the UI to include secure devices, and really you SHOULD use it to include other devices, but it is not mandatory.

Really you should refer to the opsnHAB user guide -:


The locks won’t pair with the zstick only. I was able to use the UI to connect the door sensors. Am still having problem with the UI and the locks.

I will move my pi/zstick near the locks.
I have same region for the devices.

I was able to connect the locks by placing the pi4/zstick beside the locks.
Thanks for the help.


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