Need help setting a Thing , Items are predefined wrong? Yeelight

Hi maybe i don’t understand but please help me to…

i have installed a Lamp from MI home binding, it works as far as the on and off switch
but when i try to play with brightness i get into trouble

i think the issue is that when i add the items i am getting the wrong channel’s type
for brightness i can see in the docs it needs to be dimmer type, but the binding is looking for a Number Type

what i mean is that when it creates the channel it will create it as a Number channel
i am able to play with the item later and change its config to dimmer but channel will stay as a number
and i think it causing my issues

so i have

  1. is that really an issue, the type of the channel?
  2. can i set my channels ? to be of different type?
  3. anyone has this lights can help me maybe control it with the commands sets?


The channel types are set by the binding author(s)

An openHAB Dimmer type Item is essentially a fancy Number type, limited to states 0-100.
You should be able to link a number type channel to Dimmer type Item.

An extra trick of OH Dimmer Items is that, unlike Numbers, you can command them ON/OFF.
It’s not clear if the mi IO binding number channel can handle that properly.

thanks, rossko

well that is wired… my item for brightness is jumping up to 100%
each time i touch it… other items are acting ok, but not controlling anything
only ON and OFF are working…

i guess i will ask more in the YeeLight post …

do you think text-based config will solve it? i am using the paper UI to config this thing

I don’t see why that would make any difference, but:
Binding authors provide template/form type info (XML I think) for PaperUI to offer you configuration options for Things/channels.
It is possible for errors or omissions there to prevent some binding config combinations.
I doubt that’s the case here.

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