Need help with Blink Binding

Hi guys,
I am currently running OpenHAB 3.3.0 on Windows. I have been using it for quiet a while and it is perfectly stable so far. I use Habpanel as a frontend. I have implemented four Netatmo-Cameras which are working just fine. But since they are running 24/7 and consuming a lot of power I want to switch to another system based on batterie- or solar-cameras. Therefore I am currently experimenting with Amazon Blink, running one Blink Switch 2 and two Blink Outdoor cameras.

I first have installed the Blink Addon V 0.1.1 from the official project library. Then I have successfully installed Things for the Blink account, my Blink network and the two Blink cameras. I have taken the http-link for the jpeg.image from the properties sections of the two cameras and created camera widgets with them. The widgets are showing just fine, but only still frames of the last picture taken. And they do not refresh.

I have also created items with the channels for setThumbnail, motion detection und motion trigger for both the cameras (not knowing what the latter are supposed to do; at least they do not change the motion decections settings of the cameras when It switch these Items). When I press the setThumbnail Item it gets a new picture, taking about 2-3 seconds to show. But again it is only a still picture.

I have played around with the settings in the Blink App (enabling/disabling motion detection, video recording, picture taking and arming/disarming the Blink system). But nothing seemed to influence the behaviour of the Blink Addon.

SAo my question is: Is there any way to get a moving video frame or at least an automatic refresh of the picture with a certain intervall? What are the other channels supposed to do? Sorry for asking, but I have not found anything as to these questions in the descprition of the binding.

Thank you very much in advance for any help!